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Pay with crypto to friends & family worldwide.

Send and request crypto payments to anyone's mobile number. Build crypto portfolio, withdraw to your bank account.

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Available on:iOS andAndroid

Easy transactions

Simply pay and request payments with your phone contacts.

Global payments

Pay internationally without worrying about currency conversions.

Powered by crypto

State-of-the-art security and light-speed transactions.


Send & request

Securely pay or request from a phone number or QR code. Transactions are immediate and cost a fraction of a penny.

Pay friends

Pay with crypto for fast transactions. Your payments are sent faster than traditional payment platforms.


Send payment requests to the people on your contact list, even before they have the app. Submit a request and we will notify you when it's completed.


Build your
crypto portfolio

Buy crypto with cash and convert it into popular coins.Earn interest up to 45% per year.

Convert coins

Buy crypto with cash and convert swap your favorite coins.

Swap once cryptocurrency to another

Earn interest

Deposit your long-term holds into your Earn Wallet to earn interest.

Earn interest with your long-tern cryptocurrency holds


Convert your crypto back to currency and withdraw to your bank account.

Withdraw crypto to the bank account

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A user that pay friends with crypyo in their local currency

Being constantly on the move, I have been using the Mango app to pay my friends in various countries with their respective local currencies, which has saved me the hassle of dealing with currency exchange rates.

Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad
A user that pay with crypyo using only a phone number

What I like most about the app is the ability to make payments to anyone on my contact list using just their phone number. It's simple to split costs for things like restaurant bills, concert tickets, or hotels.

Photographer, Berlin
A user that invest in crypto

It's a simple, beautiful, yet incredibly powerful wallet. Not only can I pay with crypto, but I can also invest in top tokens and earn additional interest on all the funds I receive.

Youtuber, Stockholm
A user that apriciate high security standards

Although the app has state-of-the-art security and runs on blockchain technology, it is easy to access your funds using just your phone number and email, without any hassle.

Developer, Buenos Aires
Crypto payments

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Available on: iOS andAndroid
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